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In a world constantly telling women how to look, who to be and what to think, we believe that to exist authentically as a woman is a rebellious act. 

The F Word is an inclusive platform showcasing an honest, human and empowering perspective of modern womanhood in Thailand - uplifting women's voices through journalism and the arts, where the personal becomes political. 

The F Word references our unapologetic and rebellious spirit. Our name references the way feminism gets stigmatised as a bad word. We are here to comfort the discomforted and discomfort the comfortable. Encouraging everyone to embrace a future where women are free, truly supported, and empowered.


Blue Rachapradit


Amy Poulton 
Head Editor


Nimphiya Dhar
Marketing Coordinator


Kankanit Wiriyasajja
Rebellious X Writer


Rebecca O'Brien
Rebellious X Writer

Want to contribute?

We are always looking for volunteer writers, editors, illustrators, photographers etc. that can help contribute to The F Word.

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