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Episode 1:

Fem-Gaze Boudoir Photographer

Adelina Colucci is a photographer and a feminist activist who is using boudoir photography to empower women!

    In the spirit of International Women’s Day we are opening our first issue with the theme of Self-Love!  This month we want to acknowledge the reality that as a woman it is a challenging task to love  oneself when we are constantly told

we are not enough.

   With this issue we

want to celebrate all the

different ways women are

loving themselves

rebelliously from sex toys to

boudoir photography. 


Adelina Colucci

Adelina Colucci is a documentary photographer and founder of The Love Lab (@the_lovelab on Instagram). As a feminist activist, she uses boudoir photography as a way to empower women and encourage self-love!


For this issue, we collaborated with her to create

Rebellious X, our interview column where we explore the issue's theme through different women living in Bangkok.


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