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Poem: Forgive Me Sister

Updated: May 22, 2021

Forgive me sister! Swear to womanhood

they don’t know this gem of being you

whose name is miracle

You’re a sister

a mother

a daughter

a woman

the one who did not buy "fear"

the one who stood on the mountain

showed that being a woman is higher than a miracle

Forgive me sister! Swear to womanhood

they don’t know anything about being you

whose image in the mirror of the world

most unknown of all

is you

Sisterhood graphic by Neda Aria for Forgive Me Sister poem


By Neda Aria

Neda Aria is a former journalist, a freedom fighter, a researcher in the field of gender studies, innovation, and education, and a writer by heart. She is the writer of novels such as ENARO as well as two solo anthologies IDEO: The bitter recipes of the truth and Feminomaniacs. Her writing style is mostly categorized under the transgressive and postmodern genres. Currently, she is working on a collaborative trilogy of anthologies with a focus on creative writing for self-expression. You can follow Neda at Neda Aria Author on Facebook and on Instagram @nedaariastories

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