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Poem: She's the One

Updated: May 22, 2021

She's the first person

I want to share my good news with

The one I want to call

When my heart is so broken

That I can't speak

But knowing she's there

Is the comfort I need

Whether on the phone

Or holding my hand

The pain becomes more bearable

Thanks to her

We can sit and talk

Until the sun comes up

Or be in comfortable silence

With just one look

She knows what's on my mind

Somehow, she even knows

When something's wrong

Before I admit it to myself

She always has my back

And wouldn't say anything

That she wouldn't say to my face

She's the one

Who made me realise

I may not have been given

A sister by blood

But I have a sister by choice

She's the one

Illustration by Blue Rachapradit two girls with hair plaited together


By Jantra Jacobs

Jantra Jacobs is a content creator who specializes in blog posts and guides. In her free time, she enjoys writing poetry, reading, and doing yoga. See more of her writing on her website: or on Instagram at @jantramantras

Illustration by Blue Rachapradit

Blue is an aspiring illustrator, sometimes poet, living in Bangkok. She is the founder of The F Word art magazine and passionate about the intersection between arts and social activism. You can see more of her illustration as well as her poetry on Instagram at @thisbluecreature

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